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Essential Oils for Special Needs


Are You Racing Around?

Do you live a hectic life just like us? Therapy, IEPs, homework, doctors appointments, endless cleaning, special diets and chaos!

We are the parents of children with special needs. Too often, we found ourselves in “survival mode,” rushing to fast food drive-up windows to avoid meltdowns, gulping coffee, and thankful if we had the luxury of a shower!


We're sure you'd agree: any parent of a child with special needs wants the best for their loved ones...

A stressful, sleep-deprived existence was not a long-term solution for us or our boys. In fact, things were not improving -- they were getting worse. We wanted safer options for our children's mental and physical wellness. Many store shelves and TV ads promote sugary, chemical and preservative-laden snacks, drinks, and supplements for our kids. Even that "vitamin-filled“ water and  those “healthy" cereals include dyes, corn syrup, soy and other unhealthy ingredients we can’t even pronounce. We did not want our kids ingesting these poisons!

Moms of Specal Needs Children

We discovered Young Living Essential Oils while searching for alternatives to the highly toxic chemicals that can unknowingly lurk in our homes, food, shampoos, soaps, medicines, clothing, cars and environment. 

Our kids’ backpacks, gym bags and lunch boxes now contain Special Needs Essentials for energy, focus, nutrition, and body support.

Young Living's unparalleled Seed to Seal guarantee assures us that every product is all-natural, chemical-free, effective and contains 100% pure essential oils.


We are two moms committed to living and sharing the Young Living lifestyle!

Are you ready for a change? Do you want things to improve? You can start your Young Living Wellness Lifestyle now. Take your first step by selecting from our favorite mom and kid-tested must-haves -- enjoy them at discounted prices -- AND receive a few extra, totally amazing, bonus goodies!

PS: Be sure to watch our trailer below!

Anne & Shari

Special Needs Moms (Trailer)

Special Needs Moms (Trailer)

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Stephen loves the freedom that physical therapy gives him!

He drinks NingXia Red to help energize his body, and rolls on Deep Relief to ease his muscles after his "Spiderman style" workout in the therapy cage.

Meet Our "EXTRA-ORDINARY" Kids!!



Anyone sleeping in your home?  

We got a Young Living diffuser and essential oils, which we started diffusing in Matthew's room every night.

His days are now much more energized than his nights.

Why are Essential Oils getting so much attention? Because they WORK.
But don't just take our word for it.....


"I wasn’t sure what to expect when my Gentle Mist Diffuser arrived, but as soon as I added my Stress Away and hit the button, I was sold. It’s amazing that such a small, lightweight device can pack such a punch

Having a child with a compromised immune system, our family relied heavily on hand sanitizers. A few years ago, I took the time to read the label and was horrified by the toxins I had been using to keep my son safe. Young Living’s Thieves Waterless Hand Purifier has become our go-to solution. It’s natural and safe and smells like a dream!"    - Jesse T.

"I have been using Young Living Essential Oils for over 2 years now, mostly diffusing oils. Peppermint is my favorite oil and has helped relax and soothe my family, and keep my son alert while doing his homework. I keep a peppermint oil roll-on with me at all times, and often apply to my wrists and behind my ears for relaxation and grounding."​  - Natalie C.

"The game changer oil for my family is the Deep Relief roll on. I use it for my joints when they ache, my husband uses it to relieve tension and it’s also great for clearing blocked sinuses. Thieves is brilliant to keep cooties away as well, it has a fascinating history to it!"  - Jo

"My Young Living journey (so far...) I met Anne on a special needs kids Facebook group where she mentioned how Young Living oils had helped her family. We met up soon after and as well as being a fellow YL oily we are also good friends. My first favorite is still one of my go-to’s: Joy. The scent is gorgeous and also it helps calm anxiety - something much needed in our house! My son loves it too as does our dog - I put it on his collar when he goes to the vet."  - Joanna C.

"Our other favorites are: Peppermint to wake me up in the morning, Grounding to help my son after a busy day, Frankincense for a beautiful room scent and for its skincare properties. Lemongrass in the summer keeps the bugs away, while White Angelica and Valor II are good for when we need to feel confident!"  - Jo

"Eureka! Since diffusing Young Living's Lavender, he is sleeping like a baby! So am I! aka Dad!"
- Mitchell C. 

"I wasn't sure that all I had heard about essential oils were true. But I have to say they have changed our life. My son has improved in so many ways. He talking more and giving more eye contact ever since we started using Young Living Essential Oils. My favorite oils to use are Highest Potential, Cedarwood and Frankincense -- they help keep my son grounded and calm. They really do wonders if you use them constantly. I diffuse them in the car in my home. And I use them on him topically as well."   

- Anonymous

Peace & Calming to has been a wonderful addition with Alex and behavioral issues… I swear by Thieves during the winter months to help support his immune system. I use it on the bottom of his feet, as well as the diffuser in his room. And Frankincense is also a go-to for me when the wires start to short circuit  -- we use it in a portable inhaler."  - Beth D.

"We use Cedarwood and Lavender essential oils in a diffuser on nights when sleep is difficult."  
- Beth D.

"Whenever my son can’t sleep he always asks for Cedarwood Essential Oil to be rubbed on his feet; a few minutes later and he’s fast asleep!"

- Joanna C.

Essential Oils for Special Needs
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